Sunday, April 5, 2009

S = k log w again

I just finished The Alchemy Key by Stuart Nettleton - it's a marvelous book that I recommend to anyone (especially if you have no interest in Alchemy). Nettletton's knowledge is encyclopaedic and he shares it in an extremely enjoyable way. I am still somewhat dizzy from the breakneck speed at which the concepts, symbols, cosmology, and history ire presented. Reading the book gives one a very good idea why people like Newton, Goethe, Graves, and Campbell were so entranced by the subject. But it has brought me around again to entropy. Seeing how many concepts, thoughts, beliefs, etc have been packed into Christianity, Judism, and Islam (not to mention the many other belief systems that lay behind western and eastern societies) makes me question how much these can hold. This is even more of a question when one realizes the conflicts and contradictions humanity has packed into these foundations. Just the conflicts between what Nettleton refers to as the "Afro-Asiatic" and the "Indo-Hittite" belief structures have blown whole regions apart in the past and time has increased, rather than lessened, these conflicts. When will our "S" value increase beyond our power to do something about it? What is the tipping point for cultural, economic, social, philosophical, and religious entropy? I would feel better if I knew that someone was thinking about this and I would feel even better if someone has considered this and can prove that it is not a problem. I don't think that anyone has thought or is thinking about it, though. And S = k log w, continues ticking away.

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