Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Supermarket Coffee

It's never easy to be sure what you are buying when purchasing coffee in supermarkets - especially if you absolutely cannot live without a very fresh, very dark roast and you want to try something other than Starbucks. There are some brands you can count on: PapaNicholas (good), Caribou (better), and Peets (best).

  • For a good decafinated dark roast, try the decafinated French Roast by PapaNicholas (
  • If you want a Rainforest Alliance Certified product, go for the French Roast by Caribou Coffee (
  • Finally, if you want a "now I can die happy" coffee, the only product in our local supermarkets is the whole bean French Roast of Peets Coffee. The beans look as if they had been polished by hand and the aroma, taste, and texture are exceptional. Check out their website ( and see how coffee should be made.

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