Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Religion?

Even though an implant pushes a constant stream of highly concentrated narcotics directly into my cerebral-spinal fluid, the pain almost always hovers around a 7 or an 8 (10 being the worst pain I can imagine and I can imagine a lot). Religion is, therefore, something I have thought and read a great deal about over the past 10 years. When asked, I used to say that I was a nonaligned Christian. I don't respond that way anymore. The title I use now is Perennial. I will write more about this, but the easiest definition I can give for Perennial is that the way one lives one's life and, most importantly, the way one treats one's fellow creatures and one's planet is infinitely more important than what one believes. I know all of the arguments against this and I no longer believe them. The worst tragedy to befall humanity came about when Religion was defined as something different from the way we lead our lives and the ways in which we do all that we do. A question about Religion would have been meaningless to an Ancient Egyptian. For them, it was just a question of fulfilling one's obligations to one's self, to one's family, to one's clan, to all others, to one's society, and to the Divine. We must return to this sense of Religion, to this sense of life.

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